MORFOSE Anti Hair Loss Ampoule *10ml


Main features/ Benefits
1) Activate and revitalize weak hair
2) Rebuild hair follicles and regenerate hair
3) Suitable for people with hair loss problems

Capacity: 10ml*6

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Morfose Anti Hair Loss Ampoule: Specially formulated for those who have problems with hair loss. It helps to invigorates and strengthens weak follicles. Strengthens nondead and weak follicles, thickens and regenerates hair. It’s based on herbal formulation with scientific solution. Each ampule provides exact portion of usage for on-going treatment or booster.

How to use
Apply to wet hair after shampoo and conditioner. Open 1 ampoule with the opener included in the box. Then place 10 drops on the palm of the hands. First apply to the region where hair loss is more characteristic, then to the whole scalp. Massage for 1 minute. Do not rinse. Leave on scalp for at least 8 hours. Each ampule is for 1 use. Sensational and energising penetration along with rosemary scent gradually vanish after 30 minutes

*For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children

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