Country of Origin: Australia


Mayaltha is a purely natural topical “tonic” with “Naturopathy” formula, because its unique combination of active herbal extracts has been proven to be very safe and effective. It can penetrate breast cell tissues, provide appropriate nourishing ingredients, and promote It also regulates the healthy growth of new cell tissues, makes muscle fibers strong, and prevents fatigue, weakness and relaxation due to old age. These targeted soothing and hydrating effects can be seen, because the breast will reshape its shape and become firm and erect. In fact, it shows that the internal tissue of this sensitive part has repaired itself and can maintain its healthy state. 

In addition, metabolism and blood circulation are also smooth, which greatly reduces the chance of breast lesions. On the other hand, during menstruation or menopause, some women may have breast tenderness. 

Mayaltha Natural Beauty Treatment can also relieve this discomfort. You only need to apply it once or twice a day to keep your curve and stay healthy. Ingredients: cyclodextrin, barley extract, echinacea, golden chrysanthemum extract, ginkgo extract

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