Country of Origin: Australia

Terra Firma

Terra Firma is a natural aroma-botanical programme of skin, body and bath care, and personalpampering products, based entirely on native Australian nuts, seeds and kernels. There areover 50 uniquely natural Australian Terra Firma products for you to choose from and enjoy!
It is true that nothing feels as good as Terra Firma, particularly when it means taking care ofyourself in a natural way. Terra Firma is a practical answer to the question of making the bestof your own natural beauty, with the special things we need and want – without drama, withoutfuss and with real results.
Each Terra Firma product is barely fragranced and is packaged in a recyclable/ biodegradablecontainer. The products do not contain any harmful preservatives, CFC propellants or dioxins,and are absolutely not tested on animals.
The more natural and simple the formulation and the regime, the more harmoniously yourbody will respond. All Terra Firma products are truly gentle formulations, suitable for all skintypes, even for men, women and teenagers.
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