Country of Origin: Italy

BeC Natura

BeC is at the forefront in the creation and production of organic and natural cosmetics respecting nature, animal and people.

BeC offers a wide selection of organic, plant-based beauty products and natural supplements. We believe in continual research and using the best combinations of ingredients. The combination of carefully selected essential oils, natural extracts, precious plant oils, vitamins, mineral salts, anti-free radical vitamins, and continual lab research from the basis of each unique BeC product.

100% made in Italy

BeC uses modern scientific research with ancient herbal traditions, giving life to unique, synergic, functional products. Every step, from the initial project up to manufacture and distribution are under management care. We explore NATURE to find revolutionary formulas that take care of persons and really satisfy their needs. It is not about magic formulas; it is about the conscientious research of the best raw materials and their skillful combination, which benefits from 40 years of experience, combining the most ancient knowledge with the most modern science.

BeC’s special commitment to quality and research serves one purpose: Effectiveness. 


The primary packaging is composed of recyclable materials, while the secondary packaging of our products is made with FSC® certified paper with the aim of helping to stop deforestation worldwide.

These certificates denote the scrupulous attention that exists in the company, aimed not only at maintaining high quality, but also at making all our activities sustainable and in full harmony with the planet where we live.

A complete line natural and vegetable cosmetic products and diet supplements developed for the highest performance, for the needs of the whole family.  Born from the union of nature with science, BeC natura is about respect. Respect is not only meant toward the equilibriums of our body, but it also extends toward the Planet we live in.

Natural Line

BeC natura series of products are formulated with the purest natural ingredients, they are free of ingredients of animal origin or that we have caused suffering, they are free of GMOs and they are all certified as Vegetarian Quality and V-Label Vegan. 

All our activities are certified by an ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and 100% MADE IN ITALY Environment-Quality System.

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