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tns Naturopathic Skincare

Why should you choose tns?

tns is the pioneer who recognized world expert in naturopathic skincare and hair care brand. Itwas founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1995 with the vision of using natural or organic plant active ingredients to create a technically superior series of “NaturBeautyTherapy”skincare products that are safe, effective and truly wonderful to use. tns has successfully applied the principles of naturopathy to the realm of skincare and hair care by developing special plantactive formulations that work with the body harmoniously. The result is to deliver safe and heightened performance products for a balanced and naturally healthy renewal process for your skin, body and hair.

The tns brand has more than 600 different natural products with the efficacy to improve and healing the skin problem to retrieving the healthiest condition. The philosophy of R&D of our naturopathic skincare products have been largely recognized by the professors of medicine faculty in the world.

The healing power of nature

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is not a new term in the medical world, has long history as same as theconventional western medication. It can be traced to 18th- and 19th-century natural healingsystem, which was popular in Europe and nature cure, developed in United States, Canada,Australia and etc. Lots of the government senior officer, royal families used naturopathy forhealing and health caring, even there were more than 70% western medical doctors adopted thenaturopathic medicine. In 1979, the World Health Organization advocated the naturopathy withno side effect and efficacious medicine.

The philosophy of naturopathy is a natural treatment based on the use of different formulation offunctional herbs to restore and enhance the self-healing power. It can identify the cause ofproblem and recover the insufficient natural nutrients of our skin and body to maintain abalanced state of good health in order to solve the root of the problem.

the healing power of nature

The belief of the body has the ability to heal itself.

Identify and Treat the Cause

Address root causes of our imbalances rather than just suppressing isolated symptoms.

Doctor as Teacher

It is a Naturopaths responsibility to educate patients and empower them to takeresponsibility for their own health.

Treat the Whole Person

Health and disease are conditions of the whole organism, involving a complex interaction ofphysical, spiritual, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors.

First Do No Harm

Use natural herbs, gentle and least invasive methods to enhance our immunity and supportthe inherent wisdom of the body to heal itself.


The ultimate goal of the naturopathic physician is prevention. The emphasis is on buildinghealth, not fighting illness. This is done by fostering healthy lifestyles.

The difference between NaturBeauty Therapy skincare andgeneral skincare products

When you’re prompted to buy a mainstream skincare or hair care product, it’s usually on thebasis of whether or not your skin or hair is “normal, dry, oily or combination”.

tns NaturBeauty Therapy skincare and hair care approach differs from the standard cosmeticcompany approach, because tns products recognize our skin and hair conditions changefrequency depending on the environment, weather, hormones, stress levels etc. So theNaturBeauty Therapy series are formulated under the naturopathic philosophy and made by theunique plant-active ingredients in Australia. They can improve and enhance the healing power ofour skin and hair by identifying the problem and characteristics of our body. And naturally adjustthe absorbing process of needed nutrients, not to mask it or force it into an unnatural state bychemical means. Eventually help our skin and hair to restore the root of the problem andmaintain a balanced state of good health condition with no rebound. This is the main differencebetween our series products and the general skincare and hair care products.

The majority of mainstream personal care products are often based on formulas with chemicallyactive ingredients to mask skin or hair types and by using them over the short or long term youmay in fact be causing damage to your skin or hair, denying them the chance to become trulyhealthy and naturally by tns NaturBeauty Therapy skincare

tns Naturopathic Skincare

about tns Product

We commit to make naturopathy in beauty, skincare and hair care accessible to everyone by supplying high quality NaturBeauty Therapy skincare products that are safe and effective to use.

1. The Naturopathic

tns formulates its unique naturopathic product range to be as natural and as close to plant sources as possible. We do not use nasty petrochemicals or derivatives. Our naturopathic products are naturally fragranced by pure essential oils and do not contain synthetic aromas.

2. No Added Synthetic Scent

Our naturopathic product range does not contain synthetic aromas. All scents are come from the natural aromas.

3. No Genetically Engineered

We do not include known genetically modified ingredients in our products, and we aim to have a 100% genetically-modified organism (GMO) free product range, whilst recognising that the introduction of GMOs in cosmetic ingredients is an insidious process and needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed.

4. The Environmental

At tns, we have always tried to avoid using anything other than 100% recyclable packaging materials as a way of keeping waste to a minimum. We also limit our packaging materials to recyclable materials and glass where possible.

5. No Animal Testing

tns has never carried out any animal testing. We do not support animal testing for any reason, believing the results to be dubious and the practice abhorrent. Our products are trialed using 100% human volunteers with ingredients that are known as safe. We love it that way!
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