Ti-Shine Daily Super Care Shampoo#1 mini


Ti-Shine Daily Super Care Shampoo #1 ”Repair & rebuild root to tip” can revitalise & rejuvenate hair root and restore natural hair elasticity

Capacity: 25ml

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What it is:
A rich naturopathic shampoo containing yeast extract, wild honey, keratin and green tea, designed to calm, restore, strengthen and protect hair.
·    Its high quality natural ingredients will nourish hair with essential proteins and nutrients, promoting growth of healthy, glossy hair.

Shampoo #1 What it does:
·    Effectively nourishes hair to improve its texture and elasticity, making it silky soft and manageable.
·    Repairs dry damaged hair, preventing split ends and breakage, while adding volume and bounce.
·    High quality content of nutrients will restore a healthy shine and lustre.
·    Leaves hair with a fresh scent.

Shampoo #1 Main active ingredients:
·    Yeast extract provides essential amino acids and Vitamin B complex vital for a healthy scalp and strong hair.
·    Wild honey, rich in vitamins and minerals, has restorative and soothing properties.
·    Keratin is pure protein that will help restore and rebuild damaged hair.
·    Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, in addition to giving hair a fresh scent.

Shampoo #1 How to use:
·    Wet hair with warm water, lather, then rinse thoroughly.
·    Repeat if necessary.

Shampoo #1 When to use:
·    Suitable for daily use.

Shampoo #1 Companion products:
·    Use with Ti-Shine Daily Super Care Conditioner for best results.

Shampoo #1 Results:
*cleanses hair without drying it out, leaving it silky soft, manageable and bouncy.
*Repairs and revitalises dull, fragile and damaged hair, leaving it light and shiny.
*Maintains hair in a strong, healthy condition.

Naturopathic approach designed to focus on treating the root cause, rather than the appearance or symptoms

For centuries, the micro-brew process has been practiced to bring out the very essence of beer. Latest hi-tech enable the same process to extract and convert the pure essence of the plant-active ingredients into special high quality formulation used for repairing, improving and restoring hair’s natural elasticity and radiance.

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