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About tns
The difference between NaturBeauty Therapy skincare and general skincare products

When you're prompted to buy a mainstream skincare or hair care product, it's usually on the basis of whether or not your skin or hair is "normal, dry, oily or combination".

tns NaturBeauty Therapy skincare and hair care approach differs from the standard cosmetic company approach, because tns products recognize our skin and hair conditions change frequency depending on the environment, weather, hormones, stress levels etc. So the NaturBeauty Therapy series are formulated under the naturopathic philosophy and made by the unique plant-active ingredients in Australia. They can improve and enhance the healing power of our skin and hair by identifying the problem and characteristics of our body. And naturally adjust the absorbing process of needed nutrients, not to mask it or force it into an unnatural state by chemical means. Eventually help our skin and hair to restore the root of the problem and maintain a balanced state of good health condition with no rebound. This is the main difference between our series products and the general skincare and hair care products.

The majority of mainstream personal care products are often based on formulas with chemically active ingredients to mask skin or hair types and by using them over the short or long term you may in fact be causing damage to your skin or hair, denying them the chance to become truly healthy and naturally by tns NaturBeauty Therapy skincare

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