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About tns
Why should you choose tns naturopathic skincare?
tns is the pioneer who recognized world expert in naturopathic skincare and hair care brand. It was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1995 with the vision of using natural or organic plant active ingredients to create a technically superior series of "NaturBeautyTherapy”skincare products that are safe, effective and truly wonderful to use. tns has successfully applied the principles of naturopathy to the realm of skincare and hair care by developing special plant-active formulations that work with the body harmoniously. The result is to deliver safe and heightened performance products for a balanced and naturally healthy renewal process for your skin, body and hair.

The tns brand has more than 600 different natural products with the efficacy to improve and healing the skin problem to retrieving the healthiest condition. The philosophy of R&D of our naturopathic skincare products have been largely recognized by the professors of medicine faculty in the world.

Our products contain rainforest plant-active ingredients and use chemical-free spring water, which are beneficial for the skin. Meanwhile, we are eco-logically focus that have never tested on animals of our products. Our products contain no nasty chemicals or petroleum preservatives and are primarily formulated by our Australian team of naturopaths, microbiologists, ethno-botanists and cosmetic chemists.

The tns naturopathic approach allows for your body and hair to reach a more healthy, balanced, and natural state by combing the tns products with your own natural skin and hair healing process to boost them to peak conditions, naturally and above all, safely.

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