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About tns
tns Product

We commit to make naturopathy in beauty, skincare and hair care accessible to everyone by supplying high quality NaturBeauty Therapy skincare products that are safe and effective to use.

1. The Naturopathic
tns formulates its unique naturopathic product range to be as natural and as close to plant sources as possible. We do not use nasty petrochemicals or derivatives. Our naturopathic products are naturally fragranced by pure essential oils and do not contain synthetic aromas.

2. No Added Synthetic Scent
Our naturopathic product range does not contain synthetic aromas. All scents are come from the natural aromas.

3. No Genetically Engineered
We do not include known genetically modified ingredients in our products, and we aim to have a 100% genetically-modified organism (GMO) free product range, whilst recognising that the introduction of GMOs in cosmetic ingredients is an insidious process and needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed.

4. The Environmental
At tns, we have always tried to avoid using anything other than 100% recyclable packaging materials as a way of keeping waste to a minimum. We also limit our packaging materials to recyclable materials and glass where possible.

5. No Animal Testing
tns has never carried out any animal testing. We do not support animal testing for any reason, believing the results to be dubious and the practice abhorrent. Our products are trialed using 100% human volunteers with ingredients that are known as safe. We love it that way!

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