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The Hi-Shine haircare range is Naturopathic and Micro-brewed. Hi-shine haircare range is specially formulated to put balance and health back into hair, giving it a natural shine and lustre.

Naturopathic haircare acts from within the hair strand, stimulating the hair follicle, rather than coating the hair strand. The essence of Naturopathy directs treatment at the cause. Plant-active ingredients such as honey, wheat, bran, malt, coconut or natural henna are used.

The Micro-Brewing process is a recipe that goes back over 100years. It has the traditional benefits of adding beer to shampoo. Ingredients used to brew beer such as barley, hops and yeast are added as they release valuable proteins, vitamins and amino acid, which are nutritious for the hair. We begin the micro-brewing by adding calcium enriched purified spring water to hops, yeast and barley. This stimulates enzyme activity by breaking down valuable proteins into amino acids. Amino acids bond with hair to feed, enrich and provide incredible shine. At the end of the brewing process, herbal ingredients are added to help the hair's own ability to restore and maintain health.

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