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Swiss Black Garlic Efficacy:

• Diabetic prevention

• Dementia prevention

• Increase vitality

• Arteriosclerosis prevention

• Suppressed diverse cancers

• Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol

• Recover liver function

• Reduce blood pressure

• Anti-Cancer

• Antioxidative

• Anti-allergy

• Blood clot suppression

• Improve shoulder pain

• Anti-aging

• Promotes muscle growth

• Reduce carbohydrate

• increase metabolism

Swiss Black Garlic Background
Garlic is generally good for a body, due to strong content; it may adversely stimulate the lining of stomach and liver. However there is toasted garlic, soy sauce seasoned garlic and vinegar seasoned garlic, it still has strong odors, Swiss Black garlic developed without any harmful additives and with natural white garlic only. It is a product worthy of being patented for its quality excellent health benefits as follows:

  1. No artificial additives are added. Black Garlic is ripened with 100% natural ingredients.
  2. Compared to regular, black garlic has more SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) that can remove toxic oxygen.
  3. No artificial sweetener is added, and instead, after fermentation, the product became naturally sweet.
  4. Its taste texture is like a jelly that melts in your mouth and has a sweet and sour taste.
  5. No strong odor and it is much like enjoying your favorite Fruits.
  6. Study done by LaObamas research group found that black garlic increases immunity strengths by 10 times more than raw garlic.
  7. It has S-Aryl-Cysteine, an antioxidant substance that does not exists in regular garlic.The substance promotes absorption and it is good for body.

What is LaObamas Swiss Black Garlic?
LaObamas Swiss white garlic is fermented for a long period of time in constant temperature and humidity by the LaObamas innovative technology. The garlic gradually becomes black color. The allicin element reduced from strong favor, making the garlic less odorous while the taste becomes deliciously sweet and sour.There are no additives added when the garlic is fermented.

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